Frequently Asked Questions

How Shall I Request A Study From You?
We will reach you as soon as possible (within 36 hours under normal conditions) after you carefully fill the Application Form in detail and send it. If you want to reach us without filling in the form, you could also send an e-mail to telling briefly about your situation.

How Can I Trust That You Can Achieve My Goal? Can You Give Guarantee?
We can only give guarantee on the sections of your study that we are liable of. We can show the way we work only as we progress in your work, unless you haven’t applied us through a friend or acquaintance of yours who previously has worked with us. To learn about the method(s) we follow for the studies, you can either visit our Study System or Fields of Study page.

Why Shall I Study With You?
Rather than getting involved in many areas, our team prefers to supply qualified service within the scope that it knows ’well‘. You might well be assured that the consulting that you are provided with will be original. If you haven't heard about us by reference and this is supposed to be the first time you will be working with us, you can decide whether working with us would be helpful only by observing our approach through the process starting with your application. Words would be void unless you experience working with us, how much we tell about how "good" we are.

What if I am not content with what you prepare?
If this discontent is not stemming from a wrong or incomplete knowledge/data that was provided to our part, the required corrections shall be compensated (at no cost) in the shortest time possible, having your consent for every step taken. The main purpose of the updates we send in certain periods of time, and feedbacks received from you in return is in fact to minimize this possibility.

How will I receive the service?
When your study is completed, it will be sent to the email address you provided in your application form. In addition, your study could also be faxed, sent via parcel delivery and postal services, provided that you supply the necessary means and charges.

What kind of restrictions apply for my use of the study that you deliver(ed) me?
Any type of consultation service that you will demand shall be prepared solely on the basis of supporting you through your studies and/or forming a referential outline. Senrahatet Consulting Services disclaim any liabilities arising from the use of products delivered to you, for any purpose other than stated above.

How is the pricing process?
The kind of service that you request is priced based on several criteria. The main factors determining the price are listed below:

- The field of the study

- The type of the study

- The volume of the study

- The scope of the study

- The language of the study

- The time of the year the study is requested

- How much research and resource the study requires

- The amount of time and labor, and level of expertise the study requires

- Other possible related additional studies and requirements for the study.

What is your privacy statement?
No personal information under any condition can be disclosed to third parties or associates in any way. The privacy of your personal information and data is a natural result of the respect that we pay to you and our work.

When will you begin to work on the service I request(ed) from you?
The preparation process will be kicked off no sooner than we evaluate the information in your application form or discussing it with you, upon your consent of the assesment form we prepare to clarify the way we work and the process we follow.