Frequently Asked Questions

1) In which stage of my study can I apply for your support?
You can request support from us in any stage of your academic study’s practice part. For example, you have made a practice about your study but you need support when you convert the results into a data set; or you have converted raw data to a data set but you can need statistical analysis support during and after you develop the right hypothesis. Or maybe you need an analysis service which involves all these stages. You can apply to us for any or all of these stages.
2) Which methods do you use for statistical analysis?
As we employ the proper statistical methods and tests for your study, we also employ the statistical models or test runs which are especially requested by you. And in biostatistics studies; among the special tests and methods which are special to the medical/healthcare fields, we designate the most suitable ones for your study in coordination with you. The results which are obtained from a misapplied method will also be deceptive. In this stage, we make tiny distinctions for finding the truest and the optimal test/method.
3) What kind of a process do you follow during the study?
After we undertake your study, we inform you about the stages of your study by being in touch with you until the date when the study will be delivered to you. We complete your academic support study to the best of your knowledge by taking your reviews into consideration while improving your study.
4) In which fields do you make statistical analysis of the studies?
You can apply to us without any subject limitation. Also you can view our working areas.
5) Which kind of practices’ analysis is undertaken by you?
You can apply to us both for a questionnaire study and for a study based on macro data.
6) Because I have limited knowledge about statistical analysis, how can I answer your questions about the study for which you will back me up?
First of all, with the updates we send to you during the study process, you are informed about the hypothesis and analysis. Also, because you do not need to be an expert in statistical analysis, we will be informing you about the technical points about the analysis and key points about the study for the questions that may be asked to you.

7) In which order do you make the charging?
The charging of the study you requested can change according to several factors.
Basic factors that affect the progress billing are listed below:
 Type and aim of the study
 Extent of the study
 Number of questionnaire/observations performed in the study
 In which time of the year the study is requested
 Delivery time of the study
 In which language the study is prepared
 The difficulty and extent of the routing analysis/modeling
 Adding the other related annexations

8) How will the study be sent to me?
When your study is completed, it will be sent to the e-mail address you have specified or you will specify. Also in case of your request, if you specify the required information (and if you guarantee that you will cover the additional expenses) beforehand, we can use means like cargo, mail... etc.

9) Can you explain your Confidence Policy?
Your personal information is not given to third persons and establishments under any circumstances or cases. The confidentiality of your personal information is a natural result of our respect to you and your work.